A new start

After many years spent developing cross-platform content at Interpreting (the company I founded in 1999), I have decided to embark on a new adventure.
Interpreting offered me the opportunity to score noteworthy goals and success. My aim is now to place value on what so far achieved, reshape ideas, and continue to grow professionally.

Projects, customers, the current operational structure, and myself are going to converge to Freakpod – a Swiss company on the growth and with great goals.
Starting from Sept. 1st 2012 I will work as managing director at Freakpod, to open up a growth process in a new firm with challenging projects and important take-overs ahead.

Interpreting will formally cease its activity. In fact, it will just take up and continue what has been done over 13 years – now at Freakpod.

Do business

I love this video. I watched this video thanks to Peldi’s tweet. It’s extremely of inspiration so I decided to post it on my blog because I think it is very useful to watch it.
Precious wise suggestions between the lines and much more : “Do business with businesses of your size”.